Cantine del Gavi


10km from the Outlet

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In the historic centre of Gavi stands a beautiful 17th-century building that is home to this restaurant, ‎famous for its use of top quality ingredients, and simple, traditional food based on the "frontier cuisine" ‎typical of the area where Piedmont joins Liguria. The flavourful, tender meat of Piedmont, ‎fragrant herbs from Liguria and pasta made by expert hands all combine to create and adorn the ‎delicious dishes.‎ The large dining room is furnished with elegantly-presented and well - arranged tables, all positioned ‎with sufficient space between them to allow each group of diners their private space.‎
The frescoes on the vault of one of the more intimate rooms describe the travels of one of the past ‎owners; here, behind a magnificent portal, you will find a small altar built by the family to signify good ‎fortune. ‎


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