Il Banco


7km from the Outlet

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In the historical centre of Novi Ligure you can find this hundred-year-old restaurant, where the specialty is farinata, a Ligurian recipe which has deep roots in the Piedmontese border lands. Gualtiero Marchesi, one of the most famous Italian chefs says: “It’s a simple restaurant and, as it often is in small towns, the cuisine surprises you with unusual tastes. For example, the panissa, the farinata baked in the wood-oven, and especially fritters of salted codfish which is a small masterpiece of harmony between the crispy crust and the warm and soft dough inside. An irresistible contrast, a pure emotion of the palate, which on its own is worth the trip. I asked for the recipe in exchange for my marchesinis, but they still haven’t given it to me.” Il Banco is also a winebar, it has a takeway service, and a very well supplied wine shop.


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