Motorcycle on the ancient Vie del Sale

An unforgettable journey that will make you fall in love at first ... drift

Whether you are riding a Vespa, an Enduro or a Harley makes no difference: the Vie del Sale offering a unique experience to know our territory. Curve after curve, emotion after emotion ...

Ancient pathways of trade that linked the Po Valley with the Ligurian Sea, but also roads suitable for letting go the emotion of the two wheels to discover places from the innate charm and steeped in history. The Via del Sale is all of this, an adventure capable of narrating, to those who go through this way, the story of a valuable product, that 'white gold' transported by mule or by wagons, often together with the Ligurian oil and other valuable products from overseas.

Not everyone knows that, actually, there are many ‘ways of salt’: the expression was used from Tuscany to the extreme western Ligurian, but generally indicates that series of roads and trails that cross the Apennines and lead to the sea.

So, what could be more pleasant than riding your bike, enjoy the charm of the Piedmont mountains of the Val Borbera then going down, down headlong to the most beautiful sea resorts on the Ligurian Riviera, finishing the day with a dip in the deep blue of Portofino or Paraggi?

After a day like this, in your eyes, but especially in your heart, will remain two colors: green, one of the wooded hills of southern Piedmont, the valborberini reliefs dotted with charming villages, and blue, the sea peeping from above, able to excite even the most experienced bikers.

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