The taste workshop signed by Serravalle Designer Outlet

Artisan excellence, respect for tradition, taste for innovation

Never before enogastronomia (food&wine)  has become synonymous with the culture, with the desire to show off a territory through its most significant and original products. 

A life style that is the basis of the birth of ledolciterre, an innovative store located in the new area of the Serravalle Designer Outlet  and a meeting place where visitors from all over the world can find the great local wine and culinary tradition.

After a busy day of shopping, what could be more pleasant than a tasty break, sweet or salt, able to satisfy even the most discerning palate?

This is our mission: make you "taste the territory", allow you to fully enjoy it, guide you on a sensory journey of quality that smells of hills, grapes, freshly baked focaccia, precious hazelnuts and all the products that this rich land, between Piedmont and Liguria, gives every day to those who know how to handle it with the required passion.

Fragrant croissants, coffee and cappuccino flavour for a sweet awakening, focacce and sandwiches perfect for a quick lunch break but also gourmet restaurant, where you can taste the best dishes of local cuisine revisited with a bit of imagination: ledolciterre is all this, without forgetting the workshop of taste, where you can buy all the products tasted at the restaurant, and much, much more, from fine wines to the great chocolate, truffle products and the tastiest sausages, all "seasoned" by a warm and friendly atmosphere.